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Video - 12.9m long bridge Double Lane

shows Panel two being installed ..see below

Video below - 19m long Single Lane bridge

Tax payers perspective "better than bailey"


Video below - 18.5m long Single Lane Bridge

shows panel one being installed 

Guardian prefab abutments installed before closing road;     then road closed, Pony Truss bridge removed, new prefab bridge installed in 1 day


Certified Welding Bureau

Welding Instructor

Welding Inspector

3rd Party Welding Engineer Retainer

Western University

Collaboration with Jia Xue Ph.D 

CWB Warren Truss - Polygonal


warren truss elevation


One Lane

Width Range:      3m - 5.5m                                                                                                                            


Span Range Max: 61m - 40m

Two Lanes

Width Range: 6m - 10.5m         (20 ft. - 34 ft.)


Span Range Max: 55m - 48m    (180 ft. - 160 ft.)

Three Lanes

Width Range: 10m - 14m           (35 ft. - 44 ft.)


Span Range Max: 48m - 43m      (160 ft. - 140 ft.)





warren truss polygonal cross section typical CROSS SECTION TYPICAL SHOWN ABOVE






plan view with deck





CSA W59, CSA W47

Certified Welding Bureau


Truss Connections:

  • Gusset Plates with ASTM A325 High Strength Bolts (Heavy Hex)
  • Gusset Plates with ASTM A325 Tension Control (Round Head)
  • Gusset Plates with Fillet Welds (1/4" min.)


  • Fiberglass Composite + Asphalt or Micro Slurry
  • Fiberglass Composite + Epoxy Aggregate or PolyMethylacrylate Aggregate (12mm)
  • Corrugated Steel Planking + Asphalt
  • Gang Nailed Timber Planking
  • Gang Nailed Timber Planking + Asphalt
  • Glue Laminated Timber deck + Asphalt
  • Concrete Slab on Removable Forms
  • Concrete Slab on Fiberglass Stay-in-Place (SIP) Forms
  • Concrete Slab on Steel Stay-in-Place (SIP) Forms


  • Various Truss or Slab Mounted Rails
  • Curb-mounted rails

Corrosion Protection:

  • Fiberglass Composite Encapsulated
  • Galvanizing
  • Galvanizing + 2-Coat Paint
  • 3-Coat Paint
  • Weathering Steel