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Building Better Bridges For Life

Video - 12.9m long bridge Double Lane

shows Panel two being installed ..see below

Video below - 19m long Single Lane bridge

Tax payers perspective "better than bailey"


Video below - 18.5m long Single Lane Bridge

shows panel one being installed 

Guardian prefab abutments installed before closing road;     then road closed, Pony Truss bridge removed, new prefab bridge installed in 1 day


Certified Welding Bureau

Welding Instructor

Welding Inspector

3rd Party Welding Engineer Retainer

Western University

Collaboration with Jia Xue Ph.D 

CWB Guardian is Certified CSA Standard W47.1 Division 2 Bridge Manufacturer

The best material selection is:

Steel bridge with a Fiberglass bridge deck

  • robust, extremely durable, immune to water ingress, de-icing materials and superior to concrete decks .
  • concrete weighs 5x more than Fiberglass
  • Fiberglass allows pre-assembly on site, then install using lighter cranes than concrete


FRP Pedestrian Bridge Decks

lightweight FRP pedestrian bridge decklightweight FRP pedestrian bridge deck

  • since 1994 manufacturing fiberglass composite bridge decks 
  • lightweight weighing 5 to 11 pounds per square foot
  • FRP robust and durable with over 60 years of durability in chemical corrosive service without degradation
  • FRP bridge deck is immune to corrosion and water ingress with a longer life and very low maintenance costs
  • design and manufactured as prefabricated panels in any depth, shape, skew, camber, cross fall, conduits, etc.
  • modular in width and length
  • embedded mechanical connections for long term durabilty
  • scuppers, curbs, expansion joints, railing post attachments, manholes, access ports, etc.
  • non slip wearing surface for pedestrian, snow plows, ATV, Snowmobiles
  • Colors available
  • Design to Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code or AASHTO Pedestrian Bridge Specifications
  • Design Service Life 100+ years 
  • Light weight panels easy to load, handle, install for accelerated or rapid construction
  • Deck thickness depends on loads and support structure but a table chart for discussion is noted






  •  The High Strength Fiber reinforced face skins are well suited to resisting bending stresses.
  • The core matrix develops shear transfer capacity and redundant load paths.
  • The depth of section and face skin thickness can be varied with unlimited 3 Dimensional internal fiber architecture.
  • Molded sandwich construction employs FRP top and bottom skins with closely spaced internal vertical webs that function like a series of I beams and the webs at 45 degrees are very strong, stiff shear webs providing good crushing resistance to concentrated loads and as a result any service loads or fatigue is dissipated throughout the core matrix.




19,870 ft2


three span continuous


 sections pre-fitted at shop with only 15 minutes per section on site to install




27m long x 5m wide pedestrian bridge assembled, lifted in by crane at night over rail line27m long x 5m wide pedestrian bridge assembled, lifted in by crane at night over rail line27m long x 5m wide bridge assembled, crane lift at night over rail line 


 Examples of FRP Composite Bridges




 22,000 ft2 decking



Typical Elevation View  Example of steel bridge design with FRP Composite Bridge Deck





Plan view



Cross Section Typical