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Building Better Bridges For Life

Video - 12.9m long bridge Double Lane

shows Panel two being installed ..see above



Video below - 18.5m long Single Lane Bridge

shows panel one being installed 


Guardian prefab abutments installed before closing road;     then road closed, Pony Truss bridge removed, new prefab bridge installed in 1 day


Certified Welding Bureau

Welding Instructor

Welding Inspector

3rd Party Welding Engineer Retainer

Western University

Collaboration with Jia Xue Ph.D 

FIBERGLASS COMPOSITE - 184 meters long with ramps and bridge sections


three span continuous over six lanes of traffic AADT <40,000


three sections installed within three 15 minute intervals

cambered as shown




27m long x 5m wide pedestrian bridge assembled, lifted in by crane at night over rail line27m long x 5m wide pedestrian bridge assembled, lifted in by crane at night over rail line27m long x 5m wide bridge assembled, crane lift at night over rail line 


Steel bridge with a Fiberglass bridge deck

  • robust, extremely durable, immune to water ingress, de-icing materials and superior to concrete decks .
  • concrete weighs 5x more than Fiberglass
  • Fiberglass allows pre-assembly on site, then install using lighter cranes than concrete


FRP Pedestrian Bridge Decks

lightweight FRP pedestrian bridge decklightweight FRP pedestrian bridge deck

  • since 1994 manufacturing fiberglass composite bridge decks 
  • lightweight weighing 5 to 11 pounds per square foot
  • FRP robust and durable with over 60 years of durability in chemical corrosive service without degradation
  • FRP bridge deck is immune to corrosion and water ingress with a longer life and very low maintenance costs
  • design and manufactured as prefabricated panels in any depth, shape, skew, camber, cross fall, conduits, etc.
  • modular in width and length
  • embedded mechanical connections for long term durabilty
  • scuppers, curbs, expansion joints, railing post attachments, manholes, access ports, etc.
  • non slip wearing surface for pedestrian, snow plows, ATV, Snowmobiles
  • Colors available
  • Design to Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code or AASHTO Pedestrian Bridge Specifications
  • Design Service Life 100+ years 
  • Light weight panels easy to load, handle, install for accelerated or rapid construction
  • Deck thickness depends on loads and support structure but a table chart for discussion is noted


Cross Section Typical







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500 James Street South, St.Marys Ontario Canada N4X1B4
500 James Street South, St.Marys Ontario Canada N4X1B4