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Governments Incorporating Procurement Policies to Eliminate Refuse (G.I.P.P.E.R.)

In order to contribute to the reduction of waste, toxic or harmful emission and substances and to increase the development and awareness of environmentally preferred purchasing, acquisitions of goods and services will ensure that wherever possible, specifications are amended to provide for expanded use of durable products (including those used by service contractors) that contain the maximum level of post-consumer waste, the least amount of toxic or harmful content for the sustainability of a clean environment without significant altering the effectiveness of the product or service. It is recognized that cost analysis is required in order to ensure that the products are made available at competitive prices.



Wherein a concrete deck has been specified, Guardian requests amendment (Addendum) to be issued, to allow for the alternative or expanded use of a durable fiberglass composite bridge deck as a durable product, producing 3.7 times less toxic or harmful content while naturally sequestering CO2 as concrete does not sequester concrete naturally.

Fiberglass composite bridges are 97% by volume Sustainable and renewable because it uses wood that is specified in the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code CL625 ON Truck.

By issuing the Addendum the owner is not replacing the specified concrete deck but allowing a alternative, competitive bid in a transparent manner.


Rejection or Acceptance

After the Addendum has been issued, Guardian will bid the job as a General Contractor with bid bonds, performance bonds to be accepted or not by the owner based on their cost analysis.

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