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31m long x 12m wide31m long x 12m wide





prefab bridge panel one set on new
concrete abutments supported by pipe piles driven behind existing abutments acting as coffer dam



bridge panel two being set in  place
rebar from fiberglass bridge deck for semi integral 



approach slabs tied into semi integral



approach slabs done, thrie beam on bridge and preparing bridge deck for asphalt 80mm  

 application of MTO Fiberglass Protection Board, not waterproofing but allows for future removal of asphalt using ditching bucket versus planing


 bridge and approach's paved
thrie beam transition to flex rail to be installed




90m long bridge x 5m wide inside rails 













25m long x 4.95m wide panel one of two  






15m long x 4m wide panel two of two


single lane bridge 5m wide x 13m long


15m long x 4.9m wide


5m wide x 24m long 


double tee panel two of two
approx. 9m long x 4m wide





bridge deck panel spanning from floor beam to floor beam (approx. 5.8m) with no steel stringers required 


rigid span bridge approx. 12m long x 10m wide depth of section 508mm or 100mm less than concrete 













prefab bridge deck panel being set in position for truss structure
increased live load from 4tonne  to 22 tonne 

 transverse deck


 approx. 9m long x 8m wide











 25m long x 9.75m wide



















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500 James Street South, St.Marys Ontario Canada N4X1B4
500 James Street South, St.Marys Ontario Canada N4X1B4