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Building Better Bridges For Life

Video - 12.9m long bridge Double Lane

shows Panel two being installed ..see above



Video below - 18.5m long Single Lane Bridge

shows panel one being installed 


Guardian prefab abutments installed before closing road;     then road closed, Pony Truss bridge removed, new prefab bridge installed in 1 day

Fiberglass bridges are affordable, robust, durable





Partnered with Fiberline for North America








35m fiberglass arch bridge pedestrian35m fiberglass arch bridge pedestrian

35m span Fiberglass Arch Bridge








































































 Guardian has been manufacturing FRP since 1983 with a particular focus on FRP Composite Bridges since 1996.

Multi Use Bridges are often in remote locations.

Guardian designs, fabricates, delivers and assists with on site installation so that the owner understands the procedures to deliver on time and budget.

FRP is lightweight and strong, modular in width and length allowing the owner to get 100+ years in service.


Guardian has P.Eng stamps for all of Canada which is provided upon the sales order or contract.


Example of the drawing provided with the quote or tender noted below.


30' long x 7' wide inside truss FRP Multi Use Trail/ Pedestrian Bridge




Typically, our bridges require no ongoing maintenance because fiberglass is robust and durable. In fact,  Fiberglass bridges do not rust, rot, and are not subject to insect damage, and can even be buried directly into the soil. Fiberglass materials are not affected by high humidity or salt water environments.



FRP Bridges can be shipped assembled or dis-assembled in manageable skids to the site and then carried in by ATV, or by hand.



With our CNC machines, FRP prefabricated bridges are pre-drilled and all connection hardware needed for assembly. Often these brigdes are installed by volunteers, park maintenance crews, or contractors, using standard hand tools. In most cases no special experience or heavy equipment is required as Guardian provides assembly drawings and instructions with the sales order, and even training on site to assist the owners for a day or two when requested.


Trail Bridges are structures that are functional often requiring 10 ton groomer, emergency services loading.


See examples below


Guardian can implement options such as ledge stone on the sides

trail bridge with ledge stonetrail bridge with ledge stone



Trail Bridge is delivered and installed as one piece construction 

12 feet wide inside rails typical design12 feet wide inside rails typical design






Three Span Trail Bridge

three span trail bridgethree span trail bridge

three span trail bridgethree span trail bridge


three span bridgethree span bridge