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Building Better Bridges For Life

Video - 12.9m long bridge Double Lane

shows Panel two being installed ..see above



Video below - 18.5m long Single Lane Bridge

shows panel one being installed 


Guardian prefab abutments installed before closing road;     then road closed, Pony Truss bridge removed, new prefab bridge installed in 1 day

Fiberglass bridges are affordable, robust, durable





Partnered with Fiberline for North America








35m fiberglass arch bridge pedestrian35m fiberglass arch bridge pedestrian

35m span Fiberglass Arch Bridge




































































Lightweight Bridge Deck Panels

ideal for truss structures

new or rehab

panels span from floor beam to floor beam



lightweight bridge deck replacement ideal for truss bridges that need to replace open steel grating lightweight bridge deck replacement ideal for truss bridges that need to replace open steel grating


Fiberglass composite bridge deck panels are ideal for

  • Heritage structures
  • Bascule
  • Lift Bridges
  • Swing Bridges
  • Truss Bridges


Fiberglass bridge deck panels are robust, durable, high strength and low weight with savings up to

  • 20% lighter than aluminum systems
  • 30% lighter than open steel grating
  • 40% lighter than steel orthotropic decks
  • 80% lighter than concrete reinforced



  • allow up to 2% cross fall from CL
  • panel to panel connections using mechanical and chemical methods
  • fixed or expansion joints
  • PL 1 or PL 2
  • integrated curbs, drains, scuppers, built in drain troughs
  • lightweight wearing surface or slurry micro surfacing
  • asphalt wearing surface 



Open Steel Grating?


This bridge had open steel grating which is approx. 52m long x 6m wide with 3,000 AADT.

Fiberglass composite bridge panels compared to open steel grating

  • up to 30% less dead load with fiberglass composite
  • "closed" system with fiberglass composite versus steel grating being "open"
  • steel stringers spanning floor beam to floor beam not required for fiberglass composite but necessary for grating
  • build 2% cross fall from CL whereas open steel grating is flat
  • build in drainage trough system
  • high strength, robust, durable, immune to water ingress, decing materials
  • lightweight wearing surface


bridge panel approx 2.9m wide x 11.8m long





 10 panels installed & wearing surface applied at site




Concrete bridge deck ?


 This bridge approx. 37m long x 5m wide had a concrete deck, curbs that weighed approx. 135 tons

New fiberglass composite bridge deck panels weighed approx 35 tonnes with asphalt wearing surface.

Using fiberglass composite increased the posted live load to 22 tons.


If concrete had been used again, the posted live load would have been 4 tons.




 concrete deck with curbs shown

 concrete deck and steel stringers removed

new prefab bridge panels (3) delivered on one truck

bridge deck panels lowered in front of bridge and then pulled in using tilt load within one day

bridge completed, tested with 20 tons approved for posting



Whether you are a Owner, Engineering consultant, General Contractor;


please do not hesitate to contact Guardian as we have for over 20 years been committed to the safety, long term durability of our robust fiberglass composite products.




There is so much more work that goes into the truss structure than consideration of the bridge deck such as condition of the connections whether rivets or bolts, structural steel condition of trusses, bracing elements, joints, bearings, etc. that are not stated above.

We are eager to work with engineering firms who have the expertise to consider the whole structure to the benefit of the owner and the public.