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Third party testing proceedures are in place, written, itemized by the owner, contract administrator, designer, manufacturer prior to award of the project and accounted for upon substantial completion.

These proceedures are typically ASTM or CSA which are verified by a third party lab certified.

Typically third party testing is done at the owner's expense by the contract admiinstrator.

However, we will conduct the third party testing at our expense when it is a qualified itemized cost item in the contract.

All our of designers are third party Professional Engineers, licensed to practice and stamp our products design.; and in some cases there CV includes them being PhD.

We keep a record of materials, lot numbers, production coupons, check list on hand and filed for inspection by the assigned designer as the IP is proprietary, patent protected this can be shared in detail with others under our Confidentaility Agreement.

Upon completion of fabrication to the design, we contact the design engineer to complete final inspection the work.

The design engineer inspects the work completed at the plant prior to shipping and a letter of conformance is issued to the owner, contract administrator.


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500 James Street South, St.Marys Ontario Canada N4X1B4