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On Site Conformance

Installing the products can be done two ways

  1. by our company or authorized agents
  2. by a general contractor

 Warranty for The Work

  1. full warranty when completed by our company or authorized agents
  2. limited warranty when done by a general contractor
  3. please read warranty pages carefully


Owners and Contract Administrators are challenged by the public purchasing act with a tendering system which may award the lowest bidder who may not have the same resources as preferred contractors who are well organized, financed and complete The Work on time and budget.

The Contract must require the General Contractor to have the approval of the manufacturer and the contract administrator. The written instructions of the manufacturer cannot be substituted, altered or replaced by others without the expressed written consent prior to The Work being completed and approved by the manufacturer.

As the manufacturer we are at arm's length in the contract award and yet, the obligation to provide consultation as

  • written instructions in a Binder 
  • signed by our Project Manager
  • to be kept in the General Contractor's  trailer and possession.
  • educate the staff, crew
  • site supervisor further trains the crew and implements the written proceedures
  • work with the on site supervisor who has the authority on site
  • if the work on site not in conformance then request the General Contractors company officer to rectify
  • consult with the site supervisor as unforseeable circumstances arise
  • provide further written instructions
  • provide direction as a consultant assisting the site supervisor with their means and methods
  • approve the work
  • issue a letter of conformance to our third party design engineer,
  • issue the warranty agreed too, prior to contract award,
  • provide a letter of conformance to the contract administrator

On site consultation by our Project Manager will work seamlessly with the GC that is well organized, comprehends the written instructions, in tandem with the financial and human resources of  skilled experienced construction workers, capable of rigging, perhaps launching, skating or sliding techniques, fitting, bolting, applying adhesives or grouts, installing panels, bearing plates, pads, joints whether fixed or expansion, PL mechanisms, etc similar to other materials such as concrete or steel.



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500 James Street South, St.Marys Ontario Canada N4X1B4