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Guardian fiberglass composite products since 1994 starting with bridge decks with full system products to date.

Manufacturing Fiberglass Composite Bridges in conformance to the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code.

Fiberglass composite structural elements offer tremendous potential to meet owners critical needs for rehab or new construction because by design they are prefabricated using robust, durable materials with high strength, low weight ratios that lend themselves well to prefabricated modular in width and length with cost in place less than concrete, weighing approx. 80% less than concrete, 40% less than steel orthotropic steel deck systems, 30% less than open steel grating.

High strength in tandem with low weight provides excellent constructability as the modular units can be erected in days versus months.

Immune to water ingress, salt, de-icing materials, they have a service life 2 to 3 times greater than concrete and provide redundant load paths that satisfy in service stiffness and exceed section strength requirements as ultimate loads provide for safety factors in excess of five when compared to in service conditions.

The Design is in conformance to the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code and AASHTO.